Pure Chat Data Processing Agreement


When you (a Pure Chat user) signs up for an account or you get added into an active Pure Chat account, you are opting into our Terms of Service which is broken down here.

We explain how we are GDPR compliant here.

Things to note:

This agreement takes effect (or be deemed to have come into effect) based on the day your team signed up for Pure Chat. You can opt-out any time by cancelling your Pure Chat account.

This DPA supplements our terms of service which you opt into when signing up for Pure Chat.

Compliance to GDPR

Each party involved agrees to comply to the provisions set forth for the Data Protection Act 1998 and with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Basis and Conditions of Processing

We as the Processor will handle all data you provide as the Controller. This includes all data you gather from your customers as a result of having adding our software to your website(s).

We process data as a direct result of you (a Customer) having an account with Pure Chat. All data we process is provided by your account and your website visitors. To learn more about the info we collect, how we collect it and how we use the data that we do collect, please refer to our privacy policy here.

The data is only collected to fulfill the needs of the customer and is in accordance with our terms of service and this DPA. The customer may use and distribute that data they have collected within Pure Chat as long as it also adheres to our terms of service and follows the GDPR agreement.

Controller’s Responsibilities

The controller shall be responsible for, and be able to demonstrate compliance with, the principles relating to processing of personal data. These are: lawfulness, fairness and transparency, data minimization, accuracy, storage limitation and integrity, and confidentiality of personal data.

Processor’s responsibilities

Pure Chat will comply to the terms of GDPR which includes data transfer, data security, alerting customers of data breaches within 72 hours and to provide the necessary capabilities inside our products to properly manage data that is collected on the account.

When an account is cancelled, there is an option to have all personal identifiable information that was collected to be deleted. We have also added all the necessary features the product would need to allow the chat box itself to be GDPR compliant as well as the dashboard and mobile apps.

Pure Chat Sub-Processors

Third Party Service/ VendorPurposeEntity CountryWebsite
Authorize.netBilling ProcessorUSAhttps://www.authorize.net
AxosoftEmail Ticketing ProviderUSAhttps://axosoft.com
Amazon Web ServicesData HostingUSAhttps://aws.amazon.com/
GMailEmail Service ProviderUSAhttps://gmail.com
TwilioCustomer Alerts via SMSUSAhttps://www.twilio.com/
Google AnalyticsWebsite AnalysisUSAhttps://analytics.google.com/
Customer.ioEmail Service ProviderUSAhttps://customer.io
SendInBlueMarketing ServicesUSAhttps://sendinblue.com


To reiterate, our privacy policy will go into great detail as to how and why data is collected and those terms are agreed upon when an account is created with Pure Chat. You consent to all data transfer by providing us with that data and the data your website gathers as a direct result of having Pure Chat added to the website.

As part of our Terms of Service, you also opt into this Data Processing Agreement the moment you have an account with us.